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Thanks for stopping by! We’re Alli & TJ, a traveling duo who left behind the 9 to 5 to explore the world and enjoy life one adventure at a time.

Who are these life explorers?

Two down-to-earth adventurers out to explore all that life has to offer. We’re from small town Ashland, Oregon and enjoy spending time outdoors hiking, biking, swimming, and exploring new places. Alli grew up a daughter of expats traveling the world and living in Europe and Latin America. TJ, on the other hand, grew up a small town boy with small town charm who caught her heart. We’re high school sweethearts who translated those aspects of growing up into who we are today.

We’re healthy people who love meal-prep and cooking, exercise and adventure, and can often be found hiking along rivers or climbing mountains throughout the Pacific NW when we are not abroad. These passions and curiosity for the world have helped fuel our desire for international travel.

It was on our first trip traveling through Chile together that we knew a life of travel  – exploring culture, food, and the outdoors – was for us. After two years of working in the Bay Area we realized that it was time to take the next step in our journey, bought one way tickets to SE Asia, and decided to share our adventures with the world in hopes of inspiring others to chase their dreams.

Our goals are

1) To promote and inspire a life of exploration with a focus on travel, outdoor adventure, experiencing local culture, and breaking away from the pack to forge a path of your very own.

2) To share crazy and honest stories, epic photography, thoughtful reflections & culturally respectful realities.

3) To show that it doesn’t matter if you’re traveling the world, sitting in your backyard, or looking for a fresh start – you can enjoy life one adventure at a time. 

If you’re anything like us, you seek meaningful ways to explore by…

  • Fulfilling your thirst for adventure by straying off the beaten path and enjoying the outdoors wherever your feet, bike, or car may take you.  
  • Enjoying all elements of a place from its food and customs, to its city and countrysides. From its locals and culture, to its bustling cafes and quiet outskirts.
  • Getting away from the tourist “traps” and spending time meeting locals and putting your travel dollars towards helping sustain local communities and culture (we like to consider ourselves travelers, not tourists).
  • Recognizing that it is a privilege to be able to travel and doing what you can to give back to the communities you visit. Maybe by volunteering with animals? At orphanages? With local farms? There are many opportunities out there to lend a hand!

Young couple out exploring Alameda enjoying a sunny fourth of July

Interested in learning more? We’re here to share!

  • How to build a lifestyle based on exploration, discovering your passions, and finding yourself through experiencing new things each and every day.
  • Tips on how to create unique, once in a lifetime experiences by straying off the beaten path and forging your very own adventures.
  • How to travel in non touristy ways: responsible tourism, living like a local, and adhering to cultural norms.
  • How traveling on a budget and with a purpose will help you to get the most out of your experiences.

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How to get in touch with us

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