HostelWorld Should Have A Dog Filter

Hostelworld Should Have A “Dog” Filter

“You understand dog,” said the bartender practicing his juggling and flame-throwing skills behind the bar at Candidasa Backpackers. Yes, yes we do 🙂 .


Alli with the Pups at Candidasa Backpackers
That moment when your hostel has dogs!


When you’re on the road and are used to having a pup (the term pup is used loosely here for any dog of any age) at home it can be tough to travel without your usual companion. You’ll miss your dog, the affection he/she/they provide, and the loving cuddles that come with the territory of being a four-legged owner. Luckily, for those of you studying abroad, your host parents may have a furry creature friend to keep you company! When Alli studied abroad in middle school there were furry friends to come home to and when she studied abroad in college, Romeo and Julieta (yes, Romeo and Juliette) were there to greet her after a long day of class.


Allis study abroad pups Romeo and Julietta
Hola Romeo and Julietta



As a dog lover, especially one who’s used to living with a fluffy friend, you quickly realize you miss your furry companions when you’re on the road. Thus, arriving at Candidasa Backpackers in Bali sometime around four months into our year-long trip we were thrilled to meet Simple, Sandy, and Olga.

TJ playing with all three pups
Sandy, Olga, and Simple

Simple is the Golden while Sandy and Olga are the two little rascals (Sandy lost some of her hair due to a severe allergic reaction when she was younger). We spent the next 5 days spoiling these puppies silly with cuddles, wrestling, and endless playtime. The staff must have thought we were crazy when the dogs started greeting us every morning and following us around the entire property.

Alli and the pup ordering breakfast
Morning time? Let me help you order your breakfast
Olga interfering with my midday massage
Massage time? Let me hop on the massage bed, I could use a rub too
Puppies say it is time to explore
Exploring time? Let me walk you to your scooter to make sure you get out ok
TJ Having lunch with the pups
Lunchtime? Let me sit with you while you eat
Working with the pups
Work time? No way, it’s more fun to play with me

Being around these three lifted our spirits so much and made our stay at Candidasa Backpackers that much more enjoyable. Thus, we think it’d be a great idea for sites like Hostelworld, Agoda, Airbnb, etc. to have a dog filter! Want a fluffy friend to keep you company on your vacation? Just flip the filter on and see what your options are. On the more practical side, having a dog (or cat) filter could be really helpful for individuals allergic to pets. There are some who are miserable around pets as their sinuses act up and having the filter would help make their stay more enjoyable.

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We certainly loved having dogs around and hope to meet many more pets on our journey 🙂 In the meantime, maybe we’ll suggest adding a pet filter to some booking sites! 😉


Saying our goodbyes to Simple
Saying our goodbyes to Simple


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