Ultimate Guide To Taipei Night Markets

If you have checked out our Ultimate Taipei Food Guide you may have noticed we didn’t list too many restaurants… well, that’s because we did most of our eating at the local night markets (and you should too 😉 ). One of the greatest things about visiting Taipei is the amazing night markets found all over the city. We checked out quite a few as it’s the cheapest and honestly most delicious way to dine. Here are our favorites!

Raohe St. Night Market in Taipei


This was our favorite market, and we kept coming back night after night for the delicious food and energetic nightlife that surrounds the market. We were there during Chinese New Year and since this market is located right next to the Ciyou Folk Temple that was built in 1753, it was all decked out with lights and other eye-catching decorations for the festivities. However, even outside the holiday weeks, this market is an eye catcher that will give you a true taste of a traditional Taiwanese night market (it is the oldest in the city).

Take MRT and get off at Songshan station, head topside and you will have no trouble finding it.

Red Lanterns hanging near Raohe night market


A great first stop for those new to Taiwan night markets as it is not massive like the Shilin market, or too quaint like some of the smaller more locally frequented markets. Here you will find a nice mix of popular and unique eats that are sure to peak the curious taste buds of any foodie. A good tip we would recommend following on your first visit is to walk down the whole street before you eat, that way you can maximize space to fill your tummy with only the foods you want the most ; ) If you’re traveling with a group, eat “family style”. In other words, each get different nibbles and share so you can try as many delightful treats as possible!

Get off at Xinyi Anhe Station on the MRT and follow Google Maps to the entrance.


This night market is massive and incorporates a street and underground level to its many alleyways. Besides plenty of delicious food, this market has carnival-style games and vendors lining the streets at every turn. We even found a nice little spot serving up some top-notch craft beer. Check out Funky Fresh and grab a pint before taking to the streets in search of some tasty treats and entertainment.

Take MRT to Jiantan Station and follow the signs. You can’t miss this one and there are many entrances.

Walking down the street at Shilin Night Market


A much smaller night market than the previous three we have mentioned, but it can still get pretty busy with local traffic at its peak. Best known for its many seafood-based snacks and dishes, Ningxia is definitely the place to go if you are craving some seafood. This was our least favorite night market (mostly because many food stalls were closed due to the holiday), but that by no means it is less worthy of checking out. Any night market in Taipei is a good night market!

Head to Zhongshan Station and follow your map. If you don’t have data, then try downloading Maps.Me (an offline map that we use for all of our travels).

Vegetable stall near a night market in Taipei


This night market is located in a busy shopping and business district close to a University and the majority of customers are students which means the prices in and around the market are all very reasonable to attract the broke college student clientele. A win for the students and the travelers! Not a huge market, but plenty of options to choose from to make the trip worth your while.

Head to Gongguan MRT station and get out that handy smartphone for directions.

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