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10 Photos That’ll Inspire You To Visit The Philippines

Thinking of Visiting the Philippines?

With more than 7,000 islands, this tropical destination has something for everyone. While the Philippines is best known for its pristine blue waters, outdoor adventure activities, and world-famous island hopping tours there’s so much more to explore.

Lush, lime green colored rice terraces wind in and out of valleys. Enormous cities and modern skylines stretch across different islands.

City scape skyline of Manila at night

Graffiti decorated Jeepneys and tuk-tuks dot the streets. Wide-eyed tarsiers, schools of shimmery sardines, and fluffy water buffalo call the Philippines their home.

And small, off the grid locations run by generators or no power at all, are full of the friendliest people.

Check out the photos below and you’ll quickly have the urge to pack your bag!

10 Philippines Photos To Inspire Your Next Travel Adventure

A plate of The Philippine's famous Lechon dish served in a wooden plate shaped like a pigs head

After arriving in the country after a long day of travel you’ll undoubtedly be hungry. Why not start the journey off with a plate of Lechón, the Philippines’ famous roasted, suckling pig?

Vegetarian? Try other staples such as Eggplant Sisig or Sinigang Soup!

Woman swimming with hundreds of thousands of fish during the sardine run in Moalboal, Philippines

Snorkeling is a wonderful experience, but witnessing Moalboal’s Sardine Run is out of this world.

Simply rent a snorkel, walk into the water, and in mere minutes you’ll be swimming amongst hundreds of thousands of sardines.

Yes – all those little dots and lines in the photo are fish!

Woman in a red and blue bikini walking across a partially exposed sandbar in the middle of the ocean close to Port Barton, Philippines

It may look like Alli is simply walking in the shallows of the beach, but she’s not. Walking along sandbars far out in the ocean, early in the morning, feels a bit like having a private island with the most beautiful backyard. Even better, this one came full of stunning starfish lurking just below the water.

Two people kayaking in a yellow kayak down a waterway in El Nido, Palawan as rock crags jut out of the water

Even if you’re not a surfer or a huge fan of swimming. Thre are countless watersports you can enjoy. Heading to El Nido meals you can hop in a Kayak and explore to your heart’s content.

Another favorite place of ours to Kayak? The Perhentian Islands in Malaysia 🙂

Group of filipino boys and girls laughing playing and smiling together as they look at the camera

Filipinos are some of the friendliest people we’ve met on our trip through Asia, and the kids are no different.

Full of smiles and laughs you’ll have a great time playing with and sharing a few words back and forth.

The most fun we had was playing basketball and volleyball with a group of 50 or so kids in the hills in the middle of Siquijor island.

Bohol's famous "chocolate hills" jutting out of the landscape like tiny lush-green hills covered in jungle

The chocolate hills are a strange sight for anyone who hasn’t seen them before! Bohol’s famous hills get their chocolate name from the brown color they turn in the dry season.

Not only are the hills beautiful, but so too is the drive to get to them. What are you waiting for?

Filipino double outrigger crafts boat, called banca, floating just off the beach on a bright blue sea under the sun

These beautiful double outrigger boats, called banca are a wonderful way to explore different islands and their surroundings. We took one on our first island hopping tour in Port Barton and had a blast spending a day on this traditional boat.

Pages of the book Wonder being read on the beach as the book covered half the screen and the empty beach the rest

Love to read? Especially when you travel? There are plenty of places to post up with a good book. We loved reading on the beach on cloudy days.

Woman floating in the water in a bikini posed between man's two feet who's sitting on a ledge above

Are you an adrenaline junky? A fan of heights and cliff jumping?

Well, you’re in luck here. Across the different islands there are plenty of places to cliff jump on your own… or join a canyoneering trip!

Travel and adventure couple holding hands in the air as they stand in front of a waterfall in a pool of water

Just because there are hundreds upon hundreds of beautiful beaches doesn’t mean you shouldn’t explore the interior of the islands too.

We found the most beautiful mountains, lakes, and waterfalls after heading inland. This one was just outside of Port Barton, Palawan, probably our favorite place in the Philippines.

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