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How To Travel Together (From a Couple 10 Years Strong)

If you’ve stumbled upon this post, you and your partner have probably decided to take off on an adventure somewhere! Or, maybe, you’re taking a look on your own first before you broach the subject with your other half. Either way, good for you! You’re well on your way to successfully traveling as a couple!

Two travelers with their bags packed excited for all their travels to come!
All Packed Up And Ready To Set Off On Our Epic Adventure

TJ and I have been together for 10 1/2 years now (I know, crazy!) and just got engaged in Nepal! Aside from that exciting news, we’ve been traveling Asia together full-time for the last 13 months and wanted to share some of our tried and true tricks for surviving (and thriving in!) couples travel.

Travel couple exploring the beautiful temples of Bagan, Mayanmar on a sunny day
Exploring The Temples Of Bagan, Myanmar Together

So pour yourself a cup of tea, find a comfy place to sit, and dive on in. You’re about to learn some of the best tips out there on traveling together. If you think there are any we should add, let us know in the comments πŸ™‚

5 Tips On Traveling As A Couple

1). Share The “Burdens” And The Joys

Travel isn’t always beautiful beaches and smooth sailing. In fact, it can be darn right tough. When traveling together, make sure you share in the wonderful moments and in the joys of being on road… but make sure you also share in the not-so-pleasant.

laughing about getting drilled by a wave Unawatuna beach, Sri Lanka
Getting Drilled By Waves In Sri Lanka!

Not only will you become a stronger couple as you navigate challenges together, but you’ll help the person you would have solely relied on avoid burnout. Plus, you’ll feel proud of all you’ve accomplished while traveling together.

Work on solving problems together (like how to make your flight when the airline doesn’t have you on their roster); figure out how to navigate foreign countries and languages; and share in the research and tedium of flights, visas, and travel requirements.

Man on a plane taking a photo of the plane's wing out his cabin window with clouds behind

It may be the case that one person is better at or prefers one thing and that’s ok. Just make sure you both know how it do it. For example, we both know how to find and book cheap flights but TJ typically handles at least the beginning stages of looking while I’ll focus on finding a great place to stay and navigating how to arrive when we touch down. In couple’s travel… Teamwork makes the dream work πŸ˜‰

2). Give Yourself Time To Be Intimate & Don’t Forget Surprises

When you do anything long term it can become routine. The same goes for extended travel. Is easy to fall into a pattern of ease without going out of your way to be intimate with your partner.

Travel couple enjoying taking a local cooking class in Inle Lake Myanmar
Going On A Cooking Class Date Together

Even if you’re staying in dorms, which is a great way to save money while traveling, you can still be close by saying goodnight before bed or curling up in the same bunk to chat about the day or watch a show. Intimacy is more than simply physical so keep that flame alive. Think of what would make the other smile, plan a date night, and surprise one another from time to time. It’ll make you both happier than you’d ever think.

3). Spend Time Apart

As important as it is to spend time alone together, it can be just as important to spend time apart (particularly if one or both of you are introverts!). Each person is different with different hobbies, goals, desires, and travel interests and it’s important to cultivate those.

Alli walking across the bridge to get to Shifen waterfall

Spend a day separately from time to time, or even spend a week or more apart doing something you each love. You’ll come back together with a newfound appreciation for your relationship, and all you just experienced on your own. You’ll be excited to share what you did and you’ll feel inspired when listening to your partner.

4). Seek New Friendships

Travel couples don’t have the same “pressure” to meet new people that solo travelers can feel. Traveling together means you have a built-in safety net, a best friend, a cherished family member, etc… this is wonderful! But it also means you can be happy simply being together and not seeking out new friendships.


Group of friends standing on a rock cliff while canyoneering in the Philippines
Canyoneering With An Awesome Group In The Philippines

We like to challenge ourselves to say “hello” to everyone in our hostel, invite others to join our explorations, and to join other groups we meet along the way. This may not be totally natural for us, but it’s so much easier to build friendships while traveling because people are in the same “boat” and are almost all looking to meet new people.

We’ve met people from all over the world and have built friendships we’ll keep for the rest of our lives.

Meeting up with travel friends in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The First Friends We Made Traveling πŸ™‚

5). Learn Your Partner’s Tells & When To Cut Them Some Slack

Travel is tough sometimes and there will inevitably be times when one, or both of you will get overwhelmed, frustrated, sad, confused, etc. this is natural! Learning what sets each of you off, and what some of your “tells” are when it happens will go a looonggg way in helping you to help each other.

Sitting on top of Chongkor Viewpoint in the Himalayan Mountain Range in Nepal

When TJ’s not quite himself he gets quiet, stops being goofy, and can seem a bit somber as he works things out in his head. Instead of constantly asking if he’s ok or how I can help, I’ve learned that giving him space to think and just be is what he appreciates most.

Standing in front of a peacock mural having fun laughing together
Being Our Typical, Goofy Selves

I, on the other hand, do the opposite (opposites attract?!). I talk out loud, want to externally process with others, and maybe even ask every question under the sun. This may end up being a lot of questions… but he takes them in stride and works through them with me as he knows it’s what I appreciate the most.

Khao Sok
Traveling Together Is A Constant, Wonderful Learning Experience

There you have it, these are our top 5 tips for traveling with your other half! They’re by no means the complete list, but they’re the ones that come up most when we chat with locals, and fellow travelers, about our relationship and being on the road. Other tips we’d add in the future? Encouraging each other to try new things, remembering to celebrate special occasions, and communicating, communicating, communicating πŸ™‚ Let us know what your top tips are for couples travel!

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    1. Thanks! Traveling as a couple is wonderful. We’ll be a married travel couple soon – we got engaged while we were in Nepal πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you! We’re still learning each day but we sure do love traveling and growing together (and individually) πŸ™‚


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