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Sri Lanka’s Must Try Breakfast Staple

When traveling the world, you find a myriad of different tastes, textures, and smells. Some you’ll love, some maybe you could do without… but you’ll never struggle to find something new to try! When trying something new we have a tip we like to follow so we don’t miss out on any amazing dishes. Trying one of Sri Lanka’s breakfast staples was no different!

Travel couple sitting above Sri Lanka's famous 9 arch bridge set in lush tea fields in Ella
Sri Lanka’s Famous 9 Arch Bridge

What To Order For A Sri Lankan Breakfast

The trio of Coconut Sambol, Dhal, and Roti are a breakfast staple and are mouth-wateringly delicious. Curious what the strange, fluffy, orange concoction was that was placed on our table our first day in Negombo, we dove right in without asking questions.

Sri Lanka's staple breakfast dish of coconut sambal, dhal, and roti

Coconut Sambol (the strange fluffy thing) is freshly grated coconut mixed with tomato, onion, chili, salt, and chili powder. It was delicious! Familiar with Dhal from other culinary adventures, we dove right into this bowl too. Roti was a bit different than the “Roti” we’d experienced in Malaysia.

This one is a rustic flatbread and we quickly learned that it was fun to place the Sambol and Dhal on top making a quasi-pizza out of it. Absolutely phenomenal! Even better if the juices begin to run down your arm and you make a mess 😉

If this food trio sounds good, but Roti isn’t your favorite – order it with String Hopers, known as Idiyappam, instead. They’re a form of rice flour noodle squeezed through a press and resemble a beautiful birds nest.

Plate of Sri Lankan String Hopers served on a banana leaf
Sri Lankan String Hopers Photo Credit:

These three foods are must try’s when visiting Sri Lanka. We loved them so much we took a cooking class while in Ella and plan on trying to recreate these delectable treats when we venture home. Our families are certainly in for a treat 🙂 Have you tried these delightful foods? Let us know what you think! And if you’ve made them at home, feel free to share your recipes!

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