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11 Photos To Inspire You To Travel To Singapore

Why should you travel to Singapore?

Traveling to Singapore feels a bit like blasting off, in an awesome spaceship, to a futuristic world where modern cities meld perfectly with nature and jungles are found right outside technologic, plant inhabited skyscrapers!

Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not 🙂

In the 4 days we spent exploring this magical country, we walked some 35 odd miles and marveled at everything we saw. We loved simply using our feet to get around so that we wouldn’t miss anything, but Singapore also has a great MRT and a bike-sharing system where you can scan and borrow a bicycle anywhere you find it.

We’re not totally sure city living is for us…. but Singapore is definitely one city we could see ourselves living in!

Grey bicycle with black and yellow wheels on a sidewalk in Singapore with grass behind
Who’s Ready To Ride?

11 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Singapore

City streets covered in cars with three skyscrapers with jungles growing out of them

Speaking of greenery, and jungles growing out of skyscrapers… walking around the city feels like walking through living buildings. Plants grow out of balconies, off of parking garages, and in every median and planter you come across.

Futuristic looking building with a large grassy field in front and blue skies

Since we’ve blasted off in a futuristic spaceship, the buildings couldn’t very well be boring skyscrapers, could they? Well, they’re not. Many of Singapore’s buildings look like futuristic fortresses – like this one which houses restaurants and a grocery store on the ground floor.

Gaudi inspired river and fountain meandering towards the water with kids playing and trees in the background

If you feel like traveling somewhere a little different, you don’t have to venture too far. Singapore’s Sentosa island lies at the South of the country and is accessible by a boardwalk (how we arrived), cable car, monorail, and of course by car. The island is chocked full of most everything you could ask for from pristine beaches and fine dining to extreme activities like iFly to relaxation at fancy spas.

Fun fact: it’s also home to some beautiful peacocks!

Green, hanging suspension bridge over a forest of trees with people walking on the far end of the bridge

If you’re in search of even more greenery than the city jungle-scape offers, head over to MacRitchie Reservoir Park. Soak up some rays by the water, play a round of golf, take a hike, and climb over this famous TreeTop Walk suspension bridge.

Just be mindful of any food you might have on you… the monkies may want it to be theirs!

View of Marina Bay Sans in the distance over Gardens by the bay with bright blue skies

Google “Singapore” and photos of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel will undoubtedly come up. This three-pillar skyscraper topped with what looks like a ship is unlike anything we had ever seen before. As a hotel guest, you can enjoy the observation deck and rooftop pool whenever you like. Otherwise, visitors can visit the observation deck for $23 SGD.

Gardens by the bay in Singapore with an enormous ferris wheel on the left and the super tree grove and conservatories on the right

Gardens By The Bay is a beautiful escape from the city. From the two conservatories to the enormous Ferris Wheel and Super Tree Grove this park is a must-see. Spend an afternoon, or an entire day exploring the park, eating some delicious food, and people watching as locals and travelers exercise and smile about their day.

Bonus: if you stay into the evening there’s a light show at the Super Tree Grove!

Singapore's supertree grove popping out of the forest with a pond and fountain in the foreground

Speaking of the Super Tree Grove, did you know you can walk among these enormous, artistic “trees” (the tallest of which is 16 stories tall!) on a 420-foot long Skyway that rests 72 feet up in the air? Talk about a great view of the bay and surrounding park 🙂 Admission into the grove is free, but if you’d like to walk amongst the clouds you’ll need to spend $8 SGD for adults and $5 SGD for children.

Travel blogger standing in front of an indoor waterfall covered in greenery inside the cloud conservatory

As nature lovers and waterfall enthusiasts, we were sold on visiting this magical, indoor waterfall before we’d even landed in Singapore. Found inside the Cloud Forest Conservatory – the world’s tallest indoor waterfall reaches an impressive 115 feet in height. Even better? You can walk inside it and get cooled off by its mist 🙂

People standing on a raised walkway inside the glass-walled cloud conservatory

The Cloud Forest Conservatory boasts not only the world’s largest indoor waterfall but also an impressive walkway that provides panoramic views of the conservatory and the Garden’s surroundings. Interested in visiting as a foreigner? Tickets to both conservatories (Cloud Forest & Flower Dome) will cost you $28 SGD.


Our afternoon tea time treats at Tiong Bahru bakery in Singapore. Tea coffee and two pastries!

After all that walking and exploring you might be in need of a little rest and a delicious treat. Don’t you think? Head on over to Tiong Bahru one of the “hippest spots in town” to treat yourself at the Tiong Bahru Bakery. We had a wonderful time unwinding here and being “transported home”.

Sky scraper night scape in Singpore with people walking in the foreground

There’s something fascinating about the way a city can light up at night and come to life in a completely new way. Singapore is no different as it’s skyscrapers dot the horizon and lights illuminate the entire sky. You may not be able to see the stars with so much ambient light, but the sight is beautiful in its own way. Plus, if you’re interested in light shows, Singapore’s famous (and free!) Spectra Light & Water Show at the Event Plaza along the promenade is one for the books. Check out the latest times here!

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